Presented by Renegade Productions x Bow & Dagger

I am the Gorgon

I am Medusa.
I am she who turns men to stone.
I am she who was beheaded.
She who has gone unheeded, unheard, unwept
I am the ignored, the unseen, the forgotten.

Each night our sisterhood of priestesses will summon the Goddess Medusa to life. A thundering ritual of dancing will take place in the sweaty nightclub to awaken Medusa, our protector and fighter.

We will swarm amongst you in our temple, clambering onto our podiums to be seen and heard through the throbbing beat. You can partake in the ritual, or bear respectful witness to our power. The choice is yours.

Sacrifice your inhibitions and join us.

Producer: Natalie Di Risio

Writer: Finn O’Branagàin

Director/Sound Designer: Joe Hooligan Lui

Performers: Jacinta Larcombe, Sandy McKendrick, Michelle Aiken, Jess Nyanda Moyle, Moana Lutton, Mani Mae Gomes

Costume and set design: Cherish Marrington

Lighting Designer: Kristie Smith

A.V. Designer: Clare Testoni