The Double


Cyber-gothic nightmare

A struggling actress sells her likeness to a tech giant. As her double begins to take shape, she recognises herself less-and-less in it. The deal with the devil is sealed, and soon her double appears on every phone, every computer, every screen, everywhere.

This new cyber-gothic play from the award-winning team at Bow & Dagger, The Double is a Faustian nightmare for the modern age. Examining the intersection between technology, vanity, and flesh-and-blood and using cutting edge live technology. A daring new work that is a chilling reflection of our human relationship with the digital.

Presented by Bow & Dagger and The Blue Room Theatre

PRICE: $20 – $30

TIME: 7.00PM. Tue 23 Apr – Sat 11 May
5.30PM. Sat 11 May


PREVIEW: Tue 23 Apr



Praise for Bow & Dagger
A small, brilliant gem of storytelling and a breakout achievement for its deviser and performer Clare Testoni” – The West Australian

Writer & Director - Clare Testoni

Creative Producer - Natalie Di Risio

Assistant Director - Alicia Osyka

Performer/devisor - Phoebe Sullivan

Performer/devisor - Michelle Aitken

Performer/devisor - Amanda Watson

Sound Designer - Joe Lui

Lighting Designer - Rhiannon Petersen

Publicist - Scott McArdle



Presented by Renegade Productions x Bow & Dagger

I am the Gorgon

I am Medusa.
I am she who turns men to stone.
I am she who was beheaded.
She who has gone unheeded, unheard, unwept
I am the ignored, the unseen, the forgotten.

Each night our sisterhood of priestesses will summon the Goddess Medusa to life. A thundering ritual of dancing will take place in the sweaty nightclub to awaken Medusa, our protector and fighter.

We will swarm amongst you in our temple, clambering onto our podiums to be seen and heard through the throbbing beat. You can partake in the ritual, or bear respectful witness to our power. The choice is yours.

Sacrifice your inhibitions and join us.

Producer: Natalie Di Risio

Writer: Finn O’Branagàin

Director/Sound Designer: Joe Hooligan Lui

Performers: Jacinta Larcombe, Sandy McKendrick, Michelle Aiken, Jess Nyanda Moyle, Moana Lutton, Mani Mae Gomes

Costume and set design: Cherish Marrington

Lighting Designer: Kristie Smith

A.V. Designer: Clare Testoni

Tale of Tales

Italy, World War Two. Fierce and brave Antoinetta, a known communist, and her two young boys, have to flee to Australia for safety. Her husband Sante, a gentle storyteller, stays to fight against Europe’s rising fascist regimes.

Separated by war and unimaginable distance, Sante and Antoinetta can communicate only through coded letters, their experiences mirrored and revealed through the folk stories they tell each other.

Based on true stories, Tale of Tales fuses fairy tales with the horrors of war. Filled with shadow puppetry, romance, and violence, Tale of Tales takes its name from the classic Italian fairy tale and looks at how the stories we tell shape us and our families.

*Winner* Best Production 2018 - The Blue Room Awards

“Tale of Tales is a small, brilliant gem of storytelling and a breakout achievement for its deviser and performer Clare Testoni.” - The West Australian

Tale of Tales is the most beautifully rendered World War II story since Life is Beautiful will leave an indelible print on your heart.” - Fourth Wall Media

”The images have a magical three-dimensionality and move with an almost cinematic quality...” - The West Australian

Written by Clare Testoni

Directed by Clare Testoni & Paul Grabovac

Performed by Clare Testoni & Paul Grabovac

Dramaturge Finn O’Branagain

Sound Design Joe Lui

Lighting Design Rhiannon Petersen

Puppets by Clare Testoni

Produced by Natalie Di Risio

Publicist Scott McArdle

Presented by The Blue Room Theatre 2018

The Beast & The Bride


An erotic, horror, fairy tale, for the modern feminist.

Written and performed by Clare Testoni (West of The Moon) as a Victorian bride waiting for her unknown groom on her wedding night.

Using gothic shadow puppets, a bed, and an antique wedding dress, she tells stories of beauties, beasts, and Bluebeards as she waits. Through these stories the 5000-year history of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and its dark origins are unravelled in this chilling one-woman show.

Directed by Finn O’Branagáin (Interrupting a CrisisTamogotchi ResetThe EpicThe Beast and The Bride explores these stories away from Disney and children’s books.
We see why these dark tales were originally told, and are asked, in a modern age of gender equality what does it mean to make men beasts and women beauties?


Written and performed by Clare Testoni

Directed and dramaturged by Finn O'Branagáin

Produced by Natalie Di Risio

Music by Elise Rietze

Stage Manager, Adrienne Patterson

Design by Clare Testoni

Corset by Jacqui Lucey