Bow & Dagger is new theatre company founded by Finn O'Branagáin & Clare Testoni.

We are myth-shakers. We tell contemporary stories through myth, folktales, and history. Creating a familiar world in which difficult topics gain a new language and new audience. Our work is based in puppetry and visual theatre, with a strong base in storytelling and script based work.

Bow & Dagger believe in female driven work. We welcome working with other creatives and are particularly interested in championing the voices of femme, non-binary, and LGBTQI identifying artists, as well as those of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We have a commitment to accessibility in our work and believe that theatre should be made with all of the population in mind.

2018 was our first year of operation with three works produced.

  • The Beast and The Bride - A puppetry and storytelling work based on Beauty and The Beast.

  • Tale of Tales - A puppetry and storytelling work based on family history and stories of Italian migration.

  • Medusa - Written by Finn O'Branagain and co-produced with Renegade Productions it was an immersive theatre work based on the the myth of Medusa.

In 2018 we have developed two new works for presentation in 2019.

To find out more about Clare’s individual practice visit claretestoni.com

To find out more about Finn’s individual practice visit finnobranagain.com